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SS-TOP Steel Strapping Bands

Based on our technology and experience cultivated over many years, we have successfully created safe and fine-looking products with high precision and uniform strength by taking advantage of our superior quality control capability.
The strap surface is coated with a special wax for smooth tightening to ensure improved work efficiency.


Product specifications

Select a band most suitable for specific strapping needs.

Typical specifications are listed below.


Surface treatment

Different types of surface treatment for our straps are shown below:

From left to right; bluing, yellow, black, silver, orange, and galvalume.


Types and mechanical properties

Types and mechanical properties of our straps are listed below.

Edge processing

The edge burr of our straps is removed with our proprietary technology to improve safety when handling straps and prevent damage to the object.

Length (m) per 1 kg

Reference table indicating the length of strap per 1 kg by size.

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