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Our Operations

We are a total engineering company active in a wide range of fields based on the four pillars of our operations: steel strap, machinery, hard materials, and electronics materials businesses.


Business description

Steel strap business

As a strapping equipment manufacturer, we also produce steel straps, SS-TOP, and strap seals, BESTOP, for strapping products and securing strap bands with our strapping system. Our products meet various requirements in terms of performance and strength. We offer steel straps best suited for the strapping machines that we supply to customers.

<Main business and products>
<What are they used for?>

SS-TOP steel straps

BESTOP steel seals

Strapping steel coils produced by steel companies

Preventing collapse of cargo during marine transportation

* What is a steel coil?

Steel plates are produced by steel companies in a form of long strip and rolled up into coils so that they are easy to handle for different applications and convenient for transportation. These steel products are called steel coils.

Machinery business

We provide a strapping system that automatically straps and cuts steel bands to facilitate the packing of steel coils and other materials used for various products, including automobiles. We also offer an air bearing system that transports a heavy object weighing over 1,000 tons by using compressed air to make it float in the air, and a valve automation system, BESTORQUE, which automatically operates valves of various sizes.

<Main business and products>


Automatic strapping machines

Semi-automatic strapping machines

Band cutters


Supporting equipment for strapping

Hand tools


<What are they used for?>

Strapping steel coils and wires produced by steel companies

Operating valves at oil and chemical plants

Transporting heavy objects such as steel coils

Hard materials business

We provide our original hard material KH, an iron-based double-boride hard alloy with high wear and corrosion resistance, which is produced using the powder metallurgy method. With KH and other materials, we manufacture various machine parts and molds, using our high-performance machine tools. Meanwhile, our original surface modification technology Plasma Hard, which uses our unique nitriding treatment method to allow for maintaining glassy surface and PVD coating and DLC coating technologies, has contributed to extending the service life of parts and molds by improving their surface characteristics.

<Main business and products>

【KH hard alloys】

Cylinder for injection molding equipment

Screw for injection molding equipment

Three-part screw head (head/ring/seat) for injection molding equipment

Nozzle for injection molding equipment


Molds for PET bottle preform

Multi-cavity precision molds for plastic molding

【Plasma Hard (PH) surface modification】

Surface modification treatment

<What are they used for?>

Parts of injection molding machines for plastic products

Molds for PET bottles

Surface treatment of molds and dies to form car bodies, etc.

Electronics materials business

Today, the continuous increase in data volume needs devices with more data storage capacity. We manufacture substrates used in hard disk drives for storing the growing amount of data. Our substrates, produced using an advanced grinding technique with nano-scale precision and a high-quality plating technology, have been highly appreciated by customers in Japan and abroad for their superior data storage ability.

<Main business and products>

Magnetic disk substrates

<What are they used for?>

Cloud servers

External hard disks

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