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Company overview / Our History

Chikara Yanai, President

614 (as of April 2023)


* Toyo Kohan Co., Ltd. is wholly owned by

TOYO PAX Co., Ltd.


Kudamatsu Unyu Co., Ltd.

Company overview

Our History


(Company foundation day)

May 5, 1934


May 1937


May 1946


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October 2020

Founded in Osaka as Tokkyo Seihan Co., Ltd.

Acquired by Toyo Kohan Co., Ltd.

Company name changed to Kohan Shoji Co., Ltd.

Mainly involved in processing and sales of steel products made of materials produced by Toyo Kohan.

Company name changed to Kohan Kogyo Co., Ltd. after merging with Kansai Casting.

Production of steel straps started.

Head office moved to Tokyo, with Osaka branch established.

Kudamatsu Sales Office established.

Production of strapping machines started.


Merged with Kohan Kiko and Toyo Kiki.

Head office moved to Kudamatsu, Yamaguchi, with bases in Tokyo and Osaka reorganized as sales offices.

Precision Machining Works established.

Tokyo and Osaka Sales Offices renamed Tokyo and Osaka Branches.

Precision Machining Works reorganized and split into Electronics Materials Works and Hard Materials Works.


Engineering Division established.

Surface treatment operations started at Machinery Works.

Engineering Division abolished.

Sales division for machinery and hard materials established at Toyo Kohan Shanghai Co., Ltd.

Hard materials sales division of Toyo Kohan was transferred to Kohan Kogyo to achieve integrated management of production and sales of hard materials.


Nagoya Sales Group established.

Invested 300 million yen to acquire 36% stake in Kanagata (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a group company of Toyo Seikan Group.

New liaison office established in Taichung, Taiwan.

Kohan Kogyo Korea Co., Ltd. established in Seoul, Korea.

Surface treatment operations were transferred from Machinery Works to Hard Materials Works.

Entered into an agreement with SAS Institute Inc. in the United States for marketing BESTORQUE in the country.

Obtained the ordinary construction business license.

Kohan Kogyo Korea Co., Ltd. relocated to Busan, Korea.

Mishima Branch of Hard Materials Works established in Shizuoka prefecture.


Tokyo Sales Department relocated from Chiyoda-ku to Shinagawa-ku.

Liaison office in Taichung, Taiwan, raised to branch status.

(Kohan Kogyo Co., Ltd. Taiwan Branch)

Mishima Sales Group established.

North Kanto Sales Office established.

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