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Our Philosophy


Corporate Philosophy

We will always meet the needs of the times and contribute to the world’s industry with our proprietary technology.


Corporate Slogan

Technology for Your Business

Since its founding in May 1934, Kohan Kogyo has pursued manufacturing that values quality, developing products best suited for customer demand.

We have provided unique products that help achieve more labor-saving and higher productivity for customers in a wide range of fields, including the automatic strapping system developed for the steel industry as well as the heavy load transport system and automatic valve actuators to which we applied the technology and know-how of strapping machinery.

We also offer molds and high-performance parts using our proprietary powder metallurgical hard alloy, surface modification processing to extend the service life of molds and parts, and magnetic disk substrates for the storage of an enormous amount of data in the IT industry. Our high value-added products and services based on these advanced material and surface treatment technologies have gained a strong reputation and a great trust not only in Japan but globally.

Based on the trust in our expertise, we will continue to seek to identify needs in the global market and aim to provide solutions that work for customers.


Fundamental Policy and Vision

Over many years, we have always followed the four principles of our manufacturing, or Kohan Kogyos DNA: 1) We value our customers; 2) We value our employees and their families; 3) We value local communities; and 4) We value our shareholders. In order for the DNA to be passed on to future generations, we have established our fundamental policy as KoKo ABCD, and standards of behavior.

To continue to exist for over a century, we have also set the Vision 100 To be a good company," a foundation on which we seek further growth and aim to be a better corporation.

Fundamental Policy






(Always be aware of our responsibilities and faithfully fulfill our duties.)

Standards of Behavior


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