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PLASMA HARD Surface Modification


Mar 29, 2021

Our website has been renewed.

What is Plasma Hard?

Plasma Hard [PH] is a surface modification technology that has evolved from our proprietary technology developed for extending the service life of our strapping equipment parts. It started with the application to our own machine parts, and now is widely applied to molds and other parts used under a severe environment in various industries. We adopt nitriding treatment to harden the product surface layer by permeating and diffusing nitrogen, and various types of PVD coating to form a hard ceramic film with diverse characteristics on the product surface. By imparting various features such as abrasion resistant, corrosion resistant and sliding properties to the product surface, we extend the service life of molds and parts and improve and stabilize product quality. Based on our extensive experience, we will make proposals that are most suitable for each application.

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