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Aluminum substrates for hard disks

Hard disk drives (HDDs) are used in many digital devices, including computers, video recorders, car navigation systems, and game consoles, as important components to manage ever increasing amounts of data, playing a significant role in todays IT network society. The storage capacities of HDDs have been dramatically expanding to meet the need for storing an enormous volume of digital information, such as high-resolution pictures and high-definition video images.

The main parts of an HDD are magnetic disks attached to the motor, and the disks are made of aluminum or glass coated with magnetic film. We produce aluminum substrates that are used for personal computers, servers and digital home appliances, among others.


Data is read and written by a magnetic head, and the distance between the head and the disk surface, which is a few nanometers, is further decreasing to add storage capacity.


Producing aluminum substrates for HDDs therefore requires high cleanliness and a grinding technology with nano-scale precision. We conduct production in a cleanroom with a high level of cleanliness, achieving required roughness in nanometers and flatness and waviness in microns. Our products are supporting the rapidly evolving technology for magnetic data storage.

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