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AIR BEARING Heavy Load Transport System


This system uses the power of air to float objects weighing hundreds of kilograms to thousands of tons and move them with 99.9% less force than required for moving without air. We offer two types of levitation elements with different principles, the Air Bearing for heavy weights and the Air Porter for medium weights, not only as stand-alone products but also as solutions to all our customers’ conveying problems. Our Best Chocks-Remover for steel mills, taking advantage of the cushioning properties and low friction coefficient of air bearings, have been highly evaluated for their cost, ease of use, and capability to prevent roll neck damage.

Product lineup

How they move around

Unlike a vehicle with wheels, they can be freely maneuvered and are suitable for positioning that requires fine adjustment.


Comparison with other methods

* Based on customer feedback and our survey results

Air bearings provide superior properties for various modes of conveyance and transport.

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