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Air cassettes

  1. Air cassettes can be used just by inserting and mounting them underneath existing equipment.

  2. Available for use with loads ranging from 2.3 to 133.0 kN.

  3. Equipped with an air tank for stable operation.

  4. ​Always use at least four units in combination.

Air cassettes

  1. Figures for air consumption (flow rate) and lift height assume the use of black steel plate for the floor surface.

  2. Air consumption and lift height vary depending on the weight of the object being transported and the travel surface.

  3. Resin-coated concrete or steel plating floor is recommended for the standard models.

Configuration of the air cassette system


Install on the feet of fixed equipment so the equipment can be pulled out when necessary and then stored again after use.

Use as a simplified air pallet.


Photo: Simplified air pallet

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