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Air porters

By blowing air from the blower onto the floor through small holes in the multi-hole sheet, an air film is formed and heavy objects can be easily moved. Unlike air bearings, air porters can be used on floors with gaps and steps. Since they support the load on a wide surface area, they are effective on wood floors and other weak floor surfaces.



Can be used on floors with gaps and steps

Air porters can pass over paneled floors with gaps or uneven surfaces and over stage floors.

Minimal stress on flooring

The maximum load applied to the floor surface can be as low as 7 kN per square meter, allowing air porters to be used on floors with a low load capacity.

No floor scratching

They leave absolutely no scratches or wheel marks on floor surfaces.

Thickness just 12 mm

Air porters measure only about 12 mm in thickness and require no special preparation for the bottom of the objects being transported.

Accommodates 100V AC power supply

The blower can be used with 100V and 200V, requiring no special power source equipment.

Friction coefficient 0.01 or less

Air porters reduce the friction coefficient to 0.01 or less (on our standard floor surface), allowing several tons of seating to be moved by hand.


  1. Rearranging seating and stages in multipurpose auditoriums to set up layouts for a variety of events such as competitions and meetings

  2. Moving small stages, large props on the stage, seating, large televisions and other large objects (in combination with underground storage)

  3. Deployment and storage of tatami mats in a multipurpose athletic facility for judo, kendo and other events

  4. Moving and rotating exhibits at event venues

  5. Moving recreational equipment and seating in arenas and storing them in underground warehouses when not in use

Air porters.jpg

Air porter in various sizes

Choose an air porter according to the dimensions of the mounting frame and the weight of the object to be transported.

Contact us and we will recommend the optimum air porter configuration.

Sample specifications are shown below.

Installation reference diagram
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