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Marine hoop lashing

Hoops have recently been replacing wires as cargo lashing materials on marine vessels.

The following advantages are expected from hoop lashing.

1. Reduction of lumber and other materials used to secure cargo

2. Prevention of cargo collapse due to stretching of wire rope

3. Elimination of heavy and skilled work for wire lashing

4. Reduction of working time


Tools for marine hoop lashing

LT-60 Tensioner

A lightweight and compact friction-type tightener driven by compressed air

LC-32 Sealer

A lightweight pneumatic sealer that focuses on work efficiency

Lashing hoop cutter

This device cuts lashing hoops to a specified size, passes two seals through the tail end of the hoop, bends the tail end to a specified measure, and then semi-automatically folds the hoop to prevent the seal from falling off, while seal setting is performed manually. The machine can also be set for just cutting the lashing hoop to a specified length. The hoop is cut after visually checking that it has been fed into a specified position on the feed roll.


How the hoop lashing is being used

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