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Properties of KH

KH is a material with superior abrasion and corrosion resistant properties which withstands high temperature, performing well under abrasive, corrosive or/and high temperature environments.

  1. Exceptional abrasion resistance

  2. Exceptional corrosion resistance

  3. Exceptional strength even under high temperature

  4. Coefficient of thermal expansion close to that of steel

  5. Can be bonded to steel by diffusion bonding

  6. Specific gravity close to steel and light weight.(approximately half of cemented carbide)

KH is a material positioned in between ceramics and specialty steel. In addition to the stainless steel-based V, C, and H series, we have recently added the Ni-based N series to our lineup to meet a wide range of corrosion and abrasion resistant applications.

Types and applications of KH

Materials of different hardness and strength (deflective strength) are available from the V, C, H and N series. The most suitable material can be selected according to the usage environment.

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